Harmoni Production or better known as Galeri IT is a software company in Indonesia that develops Web-based information systems. IT Gallery services generally include Information Technology Services - Designing Web-based Information Systems Software, Multimedia, Education Consultants. Some of our products and services include: Academic Information System Design, Libraries, Personnel, Finance, Asset Management, Web Portals / Web Design, Hardware Procurement, Networking and Training in Information Technology. Currently, the Academic Information System is one of the Main and Best Software of the Harmoni IT Gallery Starting from 2019, Harmoni has experience handling various client segments from all over Indonesia, ranging from Regional Government Agencies, Educational Institutions (Universities / Schools), State-Owned Enterprises and Private Companies to Non-Profit and Personal Organizations. Harmoni strives to provide optimal solutions and products, so that the technology we provide can be effective and useful for users. As an experienced software company, Harmoni not only focuses on the initial stages of implementation, the services we provide also include training, mentoring and socialization related to the technology / software being applied. Our executive staff consists of teaching staff at leading universities in Indonesia as well as professional practitioners who are experienced in their fields, and are supported by technical personnel who come from the best graduate students from leading universities in Indonesia and abroad.

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Develop Information and Communication Technology for the realization of innovation and quality services.


Realizing a real contribution in the field of information and communication technology, with the scope of software development, multimedia and supporting networks.



We prioritize excellent service for customer satisfaction whatever your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.